The Story of Gosling Sandhill

A true but unlikely tale

Story and Photographs by William Rowan

The Eugenics Movement in Retrospect

Despite warnings by biologists and geneticists, eminent individuals and venerable institutions helped promote a false theory that led to sterilizations and genocide.

Civilizing Social Media

Strategies for depolarizing political discourse

From Sunda to Sahul

The first crossings and early settlement of the Pacific

Enslavement and the Environment

A case study: eighteenth-century Dominica

The Evolving Narrative of How Everything Began

To understand the origins of our universe, we must be prepared to undertake a risky journey.

On the Origin of Spices

How humans ignored some plant defenses and became attracted to their taste and smell

Viruses: the Ugly, the Bad, and the Good

Some of these biological agents are being recruited  to combat bacterial infections.

Rebuilding Cayo Santiago

Eight months after Hurricane Maria, this unique field site is still in recovery.


Brains combine critical, immediate payoffs with exceptional costs.

Profiling a Pandemic

Who were the victims of the Spanish flu?

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Recent Stories

A true but unlikely tale

Story and Photographs by William Rowan

Increasing day length on the early Earth boosted oxygen released by photosynthetic cyanobacteria.

Genomic evidence shows that Denisovans and modern humans may have overlapped in Wallacea.

Evapotranspiration is the largest source of water vapor in the Congo rainforest during the spring rainy season.